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Coming across a group of trans identifying men in the women’s toilets in a restaurant was a shock and I felt intimidated

I care because like all women, growing up female I suffered sexual harassment from the age of 11 until menopause. Knowing that women’s and children’s safety was being weakened and threatened in my lifetime was a call to action. It was not going to happen on my watch!

Coming across a group of trans identifying men in the women’s toilets in a restaurant was a shock and I felt intimidated. I asked them to leave, I was told to “Fuck off, we have a right to be here you ugly little trsnsphobe”. It was reported to the restaurant manager who did nothing. Imagine if a young girl or child had gone into that toilet alone!

I have joined the local radfems group and attend regular meetings. I attended the Women’s Place UK.conference in London.

I regularly post stickers around my town and have written to my MP.

I talk to friends and explain what is happening.

I tweet. I have lost an old friend who was a Labour PPC and am nervous to broach the topic with other political friends.

I have to keep quiet at work.

Hyacinth Bucket, Lifelong labour and TU activist and employee

Healthcare Parent

Single sex spaces – a negative experience

Several years ago, a friend and I walked into a public bathroom with my friends then 6 year old daughter, ‘K’.  At the wash basin was an individual dressed as a woman, but otherwise their appearance was very much male. Short hair, facial hair, tattoos on the arms etc. K asked quite loudly as children will, why is that man in the girls room? 

My friend, trying to be diplomatic, shushed her daughter and said that all ladies can use a ladies room. K said, but he’s a man, in a dress. At this point the individual, flashed us his entire male genitalia and said he identifies as a woman and if we don’t like it, suck this. 

My friend grabbed K, we fled with K’s urine running down my friends trousers as we went. Personally, I was terrified, intimidated, embarrassed and utterly shocked. My friend was understandably both furious and heartbroken that her daughter had witnessed that, and K, now approaching 13 remains frightened of men. 

I am sure there are many, many genuinely trans women that would never dream of this type of behaviour. I don’t know if this individual was just fed up of being denied as a woman or if he was in fact as I believe, a predator. Either way, as far as I am concerned, especially now I have young children of my own, whatever rights people think they should have, children’s rights should come first and foremost every single time. 

Generally I don’t believe that trans women are a problem, predators are the problem and predators come from all walks of life. That being said, when I see twitter comments such as ‘JKR can suck my trans lady d**k’, I am reminded of that awful day and the fact that ladies do not say suck my d**k to ladies. 

I don’t have the answers for the trans community on how they can feel included, but I am compelled to say that I stand with JKR and single sex spaces should be protected. 

I am yet to post anything publicly or on social media .This is the first time.

Concerned mum, Wishing to keep sex real

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I care because I am a woman and I have a daughters

I care because I am a woman and I have a daughters and I do not want her to grow up with less rights than I had.

I have written to my MP repeatedly on this issue and I have alerted many friends and family to the issues at hand which most are blithely unaware of.

Apart from twitter suspensions I have not had negative consequences

ef, Solicitor


I have been teaching my daughter to respect her boundaries and to protect herself

I care because I have been teaching my daughter to respect her boundaries and to protect herself from predatory men. If laws are passed to where any man can enter women’s spaces just by him declaring so, women’s rights and their place in public life will be difficult to navigate.

I have posted my views online, at great cost and stress. I have donated money to different organizations who are on the frontlines.

I have been threatened that I will lose my job. I’ve been called slurs and horrible names. I’ve lost friends.

Marie, A mother, a daughter, a woman, Taiwan


I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle

I care about this issue because as a woman and a mother I feel the need to stand up for my daughters, sisters, nieces, sisters and women in general. We cannot go back in our freedoms just because men have found a new way to oppress us.

I have written and lobbied local and national MPs and euro MPs. I have tried to get the UK fight into the national press here in Italy and have spoken to many feminists and feminist groups here about what is happening in the UK. I’ve tried to highlight the abuse women are given just for defending their rights

I have been threatened, my daughter who was 6 months at the time was threatened with rape and trafficking. All from UK trans activists. I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle ie Stephanie Hayden, who thankfully backed off when he realised it would cost him 10s of 1000s of pounds and he couldn’t sue for free like he does in the UK.

Grace O’Malley , Fighting for what is right, Italy


She is not being taught the boundaries that will help to keep her safe

I care that my daughter is being taught that anyone can be a woman. And that she is not being taught the boundaries that will help to keep her safe.

I have complained to my daughter’s head teacher about her being expected to change for swimming with a boy. I have posted on online forums and social media.

It causes me great anxiety and affects my mental health.

JoJag, Woman. Mother, Ireland

Healthcare Parent

There should be alarm bells ringing

This matters to me because I’m tired of parenting ROGD (rapid onset gender dysphoria) child, Because I have been living through 4 years of trans ideology since my daughter decided she was trans at the age of 16. I cannot affirm her in her male identity. The issue is the elephant in the room. We are all at home during lockdown, getting on fine. She wears a binder which I hate.

I don’t care about hairstyles, clothing but I do care about the risks to her health should she proceed with hormones and surgery. Thankfully the GIDS waiting list is long!

I care because trans-ness has catapulted into society at a speed no other cause has done. I feel as if those in authority have not done enough to satisfy themselves that what they are being told by pressure groups is good and ethical and safe. There should be alarm bells ringing over the increase in referrals and yet no-one seems to be batting an eyelid.

I care because to me it seems logical that children and adolescents often find growing up tricky, want to be something that is unobtainable – superman/princess. What we should be teaching children is to reject sex stereotypes, not their sexed bodies.

I can’t raise my voice while I struggle to reconcile my thoughts with the life my daughter thinks she should be living. I am a member of Bayswater Support Group and have attended one meeting, supporting other parents through our shared experiences.

The vicious views spouted by those on the side of transgender activists must make it impossible for anyone to actually want to speak out.



Three out of six of these girls want to have gender reassignment

It matters to me as I have a 13 year old daughter who has a close group of girlfriends. Three out of six of these girls want to have gender reassignment. I feel it’s almost become a “trend”. I feel these girls don’t understand the complexity of it and the parents are not understanding it either. There’s so much more this obviously but it’s worrying me.

To be honest I have so far just tried to inform myself as much as possible and I have had a few discussions both online and in real life. I have been called a few choice words online even though I feel like I was just asking for more information, more evidence. I felt that I couldn’t even ask genuine questions or just express genuine concerns. I was immediately branded a TERF.



I wish we could discuss the issues with respect and civility

I care because of the hatred, abuse and death threats directed at anyone who sticks their head above the parapet. I wish we could discuss the issues with respect and civility.

I have asked friends and family about their views and listened respectfully. I have ‘liked’ people on social media, but even that feels risky.

No consequences yet, but I fear them. Mostly I fear being misunderstood.

Blink, Have a grandchild who experiences gender dysphoria

Healthcare Parent

They built an entirely new block of “all gender” toilets with very limited school funds

I care because I have daughters and they should not have to face this dangerous ideology.

I have spoken out in life and social media. I have asked my daughters school to ensure they keep sex segregated facilities after they built an entirely new block of “all gender” toilets with very limited school funds.

I’ve only experienced negative reactions on social media.

Cheryl , Fighting for women’s rights and safeguarding children