I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle

I care about this issue because as a woman and a mother I feel the need to stand up for my daughters, sisters, nieces, sisters and women in general. We cannot go back in our freedoms just because men have found a new way to oppress us.

I have written and lobbied local and national MPs and euro MPs. I have tried to get the UK fight into the national press here in Italy and have spoken to many feminists and feminist groups here about what is happening in the UK. I’ve tried to highlight the abuse women are given just for defending their rights

I have been threatened, my daughter who was 6 months at the time was threatened with rape and trafficking. All from UK trans activists. I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle ie Stephanie Hayden, who thankfully backed off when he realised it would cost him 10s of 1000s of pounds and he couldn’t sue for free like he does in the UK.

Grace O’Malley , Fighting for what is right, Italy