Healthcare Parent

There should be alarm bells ringing

This matters to me because I’m tired of parenting ROGD (rapid onset gender dysphoria) child, Because I have been living through 4 years of trans ideology since my daughter decided she was trans at the age of 16. I cannot affirm her in her male identity. The issue is the elephant in the room. We are all at home during lockdown, getting on fine. She wears a binder which I hate.

I don’t care about hairstyles, clothing but I do care about the risks to her health should she proceed with hormones and surgery. Thankfully the GIDS waiting list is long!

I care because trans-ness has catapulted into society at a speed no other cause has done. I feel as if those in authority have not done enough to satisfy themselves that what they are being told by pressure groups is good and ethical and safe. There should be alarm bells ringing over the increase in referrals and yet no-one seems to be batting an eyelid.

I care because to me it seems logical that children and adolescents often find growing up tricky, want to be something that is unobtainable – superman/princess. What we should be teaching children is to reject sex stereotypes, not their sexed bodies.

I can’t raise my voice while I struggle to reconcile my thoughts with the life my daughter thinks she should be living. I am a member of Bayswater Support Group and have attended one meeting, supporting other parents through our shared experiences.

The vicious views spouted by those on the side of transgender activists must make it impossible for anyone to actually want to speak out.