Healthcare Parent

The future scandal…will be similar to that of thalidomide

I care because I believe the future scandal over the grievous lack of care for children & young adults who will have suffered permanent physical damage will be similar to that of thalidomide.

I care especially about the thousands of young girls, many of them likely to be lesbian, who have been drawn in via social media grooming, in the context of a society that renders potential female role models invisible.

I care because throughout the world women and girls are discriminated and oppressed on the basis of their sex. They cannot identify out of it. They need safe, specialised, single sex services and spaces.

I have shared & commented on gender critical articles and opinions on twitter. But not before removing all links to my political party from my bio. Not for fear for myself, as I have no political ambition, but in order not to damage by association other women. I do not post about my local party, or my activity within it. I have attended Woman’s Place meetings & posted about them.

I have raised numerous times with my political party, so far to no avail, my dismay that they no longer collect data on sex, a protected characteristic in the 2010 Equality Act. Worse, if members consult the individual data held by the Labour Party, previous data given years ago on sex has been converted without permission to ‘gender identity’, with the entirely false claim that this data has been provided to them by me. It has not!

I am regarded by most party activists as transphobic, as is anyone who speaks up for women’s sex based rights. I am retired, so have no concerns about my employer being pursued. I suspect official complaints will have been made about me.

My male partner, who has a lifetime’s working experience in child protection & investigation of historic child abuse, was called transphobic and dismissed as ‘an old white man’ for daring to mention autogynephilia in a meeting.

Red Swan, Socialist feminist, mother & grandmother