I’ve opened the eyes of several family members

As a woman, and a mother with 2 teenage daughters who both don’t conform to society’s idea of girl and womanhood I think it’s very important to speak out and raise awareness.

I have spoken at length with both my daughters about this issue. And if I hadn’t raised it with them both I think they would be at risk of being “transed” through peer pressure.

They have both been called tomboys and asked if they were trans, over and over again because they refuse to wear dresses and make up. As children they both played more with “boys toys” than “girls”. And were called boys as children.

My eldest in particular, she is Autistic. And admitted at one point she thought she may be trans. But through talking at length she realised she was perfectly happy as a girl. It was society’s pressures that she hated.

The rate at which girls and boys seem to be being told they’re trans because they don’t conform is horrifying! This is one of the most important issues in today’s society. We have to keep fighting.

Been very vocal on social media, and to an extent in real life. I’ve opened the eyes of several family members and “peak transed” them.

I haven’t had any consequences at the moment, I keep my social media anonymous for this very reason. I have to protect my children.

A Leyland