Reality matters

Reality matters. If we can’t name reality then we can’t address any unfairness, injustice or exploitation.

I got pregnant from a rape (one of many) when I was a young and vulnerable adult, and how I have been targeted on the basis of and generally affected by, my female biology since I was a young child, has had huge and devastating consequences for my entire life. Sex matters. Recognising sex matters. I can’t live in a world where I am forced to pretend reality doesn’t exist and that males who are uncomfortable or deeply distressed with masculinity or who fetishise the idea of themselves as feminine/a woman are the most vulnerable/the most superior type of woman. I can guarantee none of them are raising their rapist’s baby as a single parent living in poverty. Poverty which has resulted from repeated sexual, physical and emotional victimisation by men since the age of 11.

I do not do as much as I would like as I already live in fear of being re-victimised by violent men.

I have seen the violent rhetoric, the threats, the bullying, the harassment of women who have spoken out. I only speak about my views amongst those I know and trust now.

I lost acquaintances and once I realised the things that were happening to others I became very circumspect about what I say and to whom.

Ms S, Frightened woman,