I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women

I care because as a woman I am scared of the erasure of women. I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women, no women in sport or industry. I care that I am being reduced to a vessel when I am referred to as a menstruator or similar dehumanising language. 

I care because I have a one year old son. I don’t want him to be told his body is wrong if he doesn’t display enough stereotypical male behaviours.

I care because I don’t believe children should be medically experimented on as we are currently seeing with puberty blockers and pathways to irreversible hormone treatments and surgeries.

I have debated this, softly, on social media. I am a, admittedly mostly quiet and learning, member of the mumsnet feminist board. I’m a member of a few gender critical social media groups. I took part in the GRA government consultation. I have resolved to write to my MP on this subject. But mostly, shamefully, I don’t speak up enough.

It’s been made very clear my social circle contains a few extremely vocal people who will loudly insist trans women are women. I’ve been labelled a terf and a bigot for things as simple as wanting to discuss the place of trans women in sports.