There are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’

I have been interested in the changing terminology of ‘woman’ and being exposed to gender ideology. My children are in primary school and I am happy for them to be taught about sexuality and different types of relationships. I have been concerned by the influence of Mermaids on school policy and education. There are two sexes. Gender is a social contruct and should be pushed in to the open, where there are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’.

I have done very little, becauase I follow on social media and have seen the consequences for those who speak out.

I tend not to speak about this with my family or friends, as I never know what the response might be, it is usually that my opinion is a bigoted one, or ill informed. That I dont understand what it is like to be Trans.

Louise, Woman and parent