I was teased at work for days for objecting being referred to as cis

I care because I do not want women’s hard won rights to be given away because of the current trendy identity politics and to accommodate perverted men.  

I have joined a women’s group, written letters to MSPs and MP, met MSPs and MP, talked to people at work, got training video changed at work from gender to sex in “protected characteristics” , talked to HR manager about using the term gender instead of sex, talked to friends and family, filled in GRA consultation, posted on twitter, distributed leaflets and talked to shoppers, written to M and S written to Weatherspoon’s, written to local councils, written to schools, refused to attend a further Stonewall training at work

I have been laughed at at work for objecting to being referred to as cis and then teased for days after.

The HR manager was also highly amused during our conversation about why sex and not gender should be on a feedback form about diversity training,  Mind you – he’s a bit scared of me now!!   So – win! 

I am ostracised by some team members who believe “Trans Women are Women”. Needless to say they are woke beardy dude bros.  I have had to work with trans boys and refer to them as he and vice versa. I  tried  to speak to team members /teaching staff about how I felt about this but was shut down. I couldn’t push as fear about losing job. Not the child’s fault of course but it really got to me psychologically -especially  the young trans boys who were on testosterone and wearing binders and EACH and EVERY one of them was on the spectrum. I could not say or do anything except affirm. I am supposed to be a support worker – its so incongruous. to have to work like that. I have fallen out with my bestie over the trans issue which was horrible but now she agrees with me on most of it.  

Mabel Frances, Reawakened radical feminist