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It feels like just as we defeat climate denial then biology denial pops up

I’m particularly concerned on two fronts, first science denialism – biological sex is a material reality and very relevant to medical practice (my husband is a doctor). Females and males experience disease differently and so it is important to ensure that research and practice is able to continue to support this. It feels like just as we defeat climate denial then biology denial pops up. 

Secondly in sport – as a former university athlete I think it is vital that women’s sport is protected as a women’s space.

I struggled to make the team at my university and if biological males who had experienced male puberty and all the advantages that brings had been allowed to compete in the women’s team I’d have had no chance!

I also think it is vital that children are supported to accept themselves for who they are (which ironically is of course what TRAs say) surgery and what is essentially self harm is no way to support a child going through a difficult time. Transition may for a very few young adults be the way forward, but it is an adult decision.

I work for the Scottish Government (in an unrelated area) and so am concerned for my job! I do like tweets, but rarely retweet (there is also a requirement as a civil servant to remain objective and impartial and given the political nature of much of the debate I think it is right and proper that i remain fairly quiet). i have talked with some friends and colleagues about my concerns. I think if I did in a work environment my job may well be under threat.  

Caroline, pro science pro fair sport