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I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth

Sex based protection of women is so important to me.

Biological facts are important to me. I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth. Ultrasound sex determination is illegal. Life is often misery for girls and women since they are born. Only the privileged can afford to lose the definition of “woman” diluting it to something as offensive, arbitrary, and irrational as a “feeling” or “emotions” or “assertion” (“if someone says they’re a woman she’s a woman”).

I’m tired of it. I’m exhausted. I’m losing hope for the future of left-wing and liberal thought in India.

I approached the discussion with two of my closest friends, both very liberal. One refused to reply at all. Saying my fears are “cis paranoia” (does she not see waving away my doubts as misogyny?) and transwomen are literally dying because of cis women’s paranoia. After gaslighting me for my worry about losing laws, reservations, protections under the definition of the word “woman”, she stopped replying. I doubt we have a friendship any longer. Other friend told me she’s shocked and uncomfortable with the discussion. I asked her to define the word woman and she said she didn’t know how to define it. An educated woman unable to define the word woman out of fear.

Doubt either will want to be my friend any longer. I spoke to my family about it. They agree. They live in the real world not on twitter so to them it is obvious women are women, and transwomen are transwomen. One of my friends accepted my position and understands deeper that gender stereotypes are a human creation to maintain the patriarchy.

Tired of men, tired of feminine socialization, tired of fear, India