Healthcare Parent

I see children being pushed into unhealthy choices

This matters to me because of the gross unfairness of women’s rights and voices being erased and the gaslighting of trying to convince us a man in a dress is a woman.  It matters to me because I see children being pushed into unhealthy choices by societal pressures of the kind we have been trying to break down for decades.  This is regressive and most of the general public is unaware of this and would not even believe some of the things that are happening.

I have spoken to staff and emailed my child’s school (secondary) and been able to have a positive discussion and point them in the direction of Transgender Trend.  I have frequently contributed to crowdfunders.  I spoken to certain friends and family and at work I have spoken to some adults who I have known for some time and feel I can trust on this issue. I have sometimes liked and retweeted on twitter but I use my real name and am very afraid of attacks and abuse and so I have never written my own tweets and am very cautious.  I have written to my MP and signed petitions and letters.

I have been extremely cautious and not spoken up as much as I would like.

C, concerned parent