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I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017

Initially, I cared because I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017 and the annual bookfair ending as a result. Since, I have been profoundly shocked by the misogyny of transactivists and the othering of their critics. As an affluent straight middle-aged white male, it all tends to be rather abstract, but I just can’t get past transactivists denying gender is a social-power construct within capitalism and the fact they vociferously accuse lesbians of being vagina fetishists but don’t apply that logic to straight men. The whole area of gender reassignment for children is very disturbing.

I used the fact that our radical publishers had a bookstall at the 2018 Radical Bookfair at Goldsmiths to help Jeni Harvey publish a pamphlet to be displayed their. This resulted in a very public confrontation with trans-activists and our ejection from the fair.

We, Chronos Publications, are now effectively banned from the remaining Anarchist bookfairs and the Radical bookfair. For example, the T&Cs for the latest ‘Anarchist Festival’ encourages attendees to take direct action against hate-speech. That’ll be us then based previous experience. We can’t get books placed in Freedom and their are some issues with Housmans. Other radical booksellers have secretly shown support but can’t say anything publicly.

Bryn Bazzard, Bryn, not seeking authority through one liner bio