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Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change

I am conscious that I have a privileged background as white, male, heterosexual and well educated.  I believe that I have a responsibility to care about others’ rights, too. Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change but I have listened to other viewpoints and realise that some aspects of the proposals threaten the rights of women and children.

I engage as politely and respectfully as I can with a range of people on Twitter and within my political party to learn what they think and why.  I have discussed issues with family, friends and colleagues (when I was a teacher).  I anticipate engaging in debate politically to persuade my party (SNP) to review it’s policy.

There have been few consequences to date, although some relationships with fellow activists have been strained.  Still, I know that open dialogue is essential even while it may not be easy.

John, Retired teacher, Christian, SNP member


The backlash from women has created a hostile environment for peaceful trans people

I care because the backlash from women has created a hostile environment for peaceful trans people. I don’t want access to female spaces and I know I am male, so I get abusive responses to sharing these opinions. Women are rightly angry and we are experiencing a rapid loss of support as a result.

I’ve spoken on social media. I have written to MPs in my area, the Green Party and Liberals (Canada), spoken to friends.

I have experienced horrific online abuse from people who say they are sticking up for us. I am a “bootlicker”, a “terf”, “truscum” and a “traitor”. I have been told I am a “pedo” and should die.

Jocelyn , Transwomen are not women, Mladydik


This is extremely unfair and unsafe for all the women and girls who compete

As a husband, father and grandfather I am really concerned about the safety and the safeguarding of all women and girls in what must be maintained as all female areas and environments. These areas have been hard earned by women over the years and must not be given up. Also as a follower of sport all my life , I am concerned when men who self identify can grossly unfairly be allowed to play in women only sports.

This is extremely unfair and unsafe for all the women and girls who compete in the hope and reasonable expectation of a level playing field, and without the risk of being injured by male bodied opponents.

I have attended a function and have written to my MP. I have also contacted the ruling bodies of 2 sports to make my thoughts clear and express the hope that the reviews that are in progress will not give way to lobbying and pressure, but take what I believe is an obvious and clear decision to maintain the integrity of women’s sports.

I have not suffered any negative consequences.

M, Grandad


I am a man with autogynephilia

I am a man with autogynephilia. I care about this issue, as I can see self ID has enabled, and will enable men with disordered autogynephilia to transition and involve women in sexual experiences they did not consent to.

I think that for some men with autogynephilia, it is compassionate to allow them to transition with sexual reassignment surgery, however this needs to be safeguarded by professionals, to make sure they will not abuse their new protected reassignment status.

I can see from Canada, how men with autogynephilia have transitioned under self ID without safeguards or medical requirements, who have then gone onto abuse their new protected status to involve or coerce women into sexual experiences they did not consent to.

A man with autogynephilia, Canada

Healthcare Men

I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017

Initially, I cared because I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017 and the annual bookfair ending as a result. Since, I have been profoundly shocked by the misogyny of transactivists and the othering of their critics. As an affluent straight middle-aged white male, it all tends to be rather abstract, but I just can’t get past transactivists denying gender is a social-power construct within capitalism and the fact they vociferously accuse lesbians of being vagina fetishists but don’t apply that logic to straight men. The whole area of gender reassignment for children is very disturbing.

I used the fact that our radical publishers had a bookstall at the 2018 Radical Bookfair at Goldsmiths to help Jeni Harvey publish a pamphlet to be displayed their. This resulted in a very public confrontation with trans-activists and our ejection from the fair.

We, Chronos Publications, are now effectively banned from the remaining Anarchist bookfairs and the Radical bookfair. For example, the T&Cs for the latest ‘Anarchist Festival’ encourages attendees to take direct action against hate-speech. That’ll be us then based previous experience. We can’t get books placed in Freedom and their are some issues with Housmans. Other radical booksellers have secretly shown support but can’t say anything publicly.

Bryn Bazzard, Bryn, not seeking authority through one liner bio


I am testing the hypothesis that a male bioscientist can say things women get banned for. So far the theory holds

I have three sisters, two daughters, eight nieces, a mother, aunts, cousins. I cannot remain silent, not add my knowledge and understanding knowing their secure spaces are under attack by self obsessed men. So long as I have platforms I will speak.

I have blogged about it. I have joined twitter and I am testing the hypothesis that a male bioscientist can say things women get banned for. So far the theory holds and nobody has called me a TERF, yet. But it’s early days.

Not thus far, the woke brigade and the TRAs either have not noticed me or are inhibited by my profession and postings. I did get engaged by one young woke guy and bio argued him into a corner and got him to admit there is no biological basis to being Trans. My posts get lots of likes and my following grows faster than I can keep up. The tide appears to be turning. Reality will out.

Dr Peter R Ashby, Former Biomedical Scientist, Scottish Yes campaigner, WingsEcosse

Healthcare Men

As a gay man, I thought I was part of a movement which was dismantling gender stereotypes

This matters to me because I’m a gay man who supports feminism. I see sexism as the fundamental structural inequality. It means that women are unsafe in their homes, workplaces and the street and disadvantaged in every part of their lives. It also means that lesbian, gay and bisexual people and all gender non-conforming people (assertive women and feminine men) are under attack.

As a gay man, I thought I was part of a movement which was dismantling gender stereotypes. Now I feel the LGBT movement is reinforcing sexist stereotypes and dismantling the protections and special provisions that are meant to try to rebalance a sexist society. Self ID and encouragement of children to be trans is the opposite of progress.

I want full legal and social protection for trans people who definitely face discrimination but not at the expense of women’s spaces, sports and sexual equality provisions.

I try to discuss through Facebook but am worried about LGBT activists.



The transactivist movement fails a basic test of morality

The erosion of women’s rights should matter to everyone. Firstly, anything which restricts and diminishes the potential of half of humanity is, self-evidently, a massive setback for all. More drastically, hard as it may be to imagine, the erosion of women’s rights should matter to everyone because the ideology driving these attacks is not based on reality. 

Any time adherence to an ideology is prized more highly than adherence to the truth, bad things – some times truly terrible things – follow.

Further, the transactivist movement fails a basic test of morality-  considering the consequences of one’s actions for others.  Theirs is not a demand for fair treatment. This is not zero sum. As many women have highlighted, what could be more misogynistic than the erasure of women as a category? 

Sadly, I have done not nearly enough to raise my voice, though I am working towards it. I am full of admiration for those who have.  I’ve lost friends already by refusing to go along with what I know is wrong. 

I’ve been excluded from groups and have lost friends as a result of speaking out against the erasure of women as a category.

Will W, musician, educator, coder, Spain


She proudly proclaimed “I am not a stereotype” and dismissed the idea of being trans

It matters to me as my 8 year old niece, in experiencing sexism and gender roles, thought she was trans because she “doesn’t like her gender”. Luckily when I discussed gender stereotypes with her she proudly proclaimed “I am not a stereotype” and dismissed the idea of being trans. I fear for others who don’t have someone to offer them the same advice and dispel the idea of being trans as a means of overcoming sexism. 

I have spoken about it with family and friends in a mild manner and only when the topic is raised.

From my limited speaking and ‘devils advocate’ approach, no consequences. But I know if I expressed myself fully I would be dismissed, especially within the gay community of which I am part.

Would love to but can’t, gay man, Ireland


I’ve been surprised at the lack of hate I have received on twitter but then I’m a man

It just matters; It seems so clear to me with testimonials and mainly SCIENCE but this is being denied and people can’t see it.  It just creeping into every aspect of life and I feel I’m on the losing side.  I suffer too much from believing in fairness and it really gets to me that this just isn’t fair and I’m a bloke; so it’s not my choices that are going, in fact my choices are being expanded at the expense of women. 

Lots of comments/likes on twitter usually responses rather than originals.  I’ve donated to Maya, WPUK, LGB.  I’ve signed petitions.  I’ve written to companies e.g. Body Shop most recently.  Card to JKR.  Talked to friends etc.  Challenged family.

I’ve been surprised at the lack of hate I have received on twitter but then I’m a man.  Family relationships have, at times, been tense as a result of this.  One of the negative things for me is, as a lifelong Labour supporter, I now feel politically homeless and don’t feel I am part of a comradery any more and that feels bad.  Also feel disenfranchised as don’t have anyone to vote for.