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I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore

I care because self id has swept into every single workplace throughout the UK with no change in the law. I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore, where disabled toilets have been renamed accessible to open them up for Trans/Non binary.

A disabled toilet loses all meaning if you open them up to everyone. They are scarce as it is.

But while it has swept in under the guise of Stonewall training, it cannot be questioned.  You must not speak badly about any aspect.

As it stands there is nowhere a woman can go where a man cannot follow.

I’ve shared posts on social media, shared facts about the equality act, donated to crowd funding.

I am threatened every day on social media. Called a Nazi, told I should be raped, told I shouldn’t have children because I’m a horrible human. Told they will find me and rape me with their “Lady cock” called a bitch, whore, hater of trans women.

It’s never ending abuse.