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It offends me as a rational human being who knows humans cannot change sex

As a socialist and feminist it outrages me that women’s oppression is being redefined and repackaged as a privileged gender identity to which men belong. Our material existence as a sex class is being totally erased with real life consequences. We cannot argue for our share of resources when we’re not recognised. We cannot have women only spaces, activities and services.

We are being told that to have boundaries is exclusionary and women now have penises. It offends me as a rational human being who knows humans cannot change sex. The ideology at the root of it is dangerous and seeks to undermine our very humanity, to commoditise women and children in a neoliberal market.

Sex stereotypes are embedded once again and any girl not sufficiently passive, submissive or heterosexual to is now instructed that she is male and must take all medical and surgical options available through make her look more male like.

As a movement genderism aims to keep men in power while claiming their victim hood.

I have organised a public meeting with another woman, I have attended many meetings and joined a group. We responded to the initial GRA consultation and met senior civil servants to discuss. I have emailed my elected representatives and met them when it was on offer. I have spoken to friends and some colleagues about the issue. I have leafletted about GRA Reform. I tweet on the issue (too much!). Attended meetings at Scottish Parliament organised by Joan McAlpine MSP. Helped organise demo outside Scottish Parliament.

I’ve been lucky. I live a really quiet life, I’m not well known, I have a very common name so being “out” on Twitter is easy. I don’t have a large number of friends, the ones I have share my views. I keep political life separate from work.

Julie Smith, the struggle continues