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I should be able to go swimming by myself safely and with dignity

I care about this issue because I am a woman. I am 5’2″, and don’t have local friends. I do a lot of stuff by myself as my close friends are out of county. I don’t want to be excluded from public spaces on the basis that I’d be uncomfortable sharing intimate spaces with biologically intact males. I should be able to go swimming by myself safely and with dignity.

I have used gender neutral spaces in the past, but when I was ready to leave, I found myself anxious about my safety because I could hear a group of male voices that I knew I’d have to walk through. As a short woman, I am aware of my vulnerability. I have only been subjected to minor abuses by males in my life, and I can’t imagine how much more afraid I would be if I was a survivor of rape or physical violence.

I have posted my thoughts on my Twitter page. I also try to support people who are able to make more of a stand by contributing to Crowdfunding projects.

I have lost followers, some were online friends I’d known for nearly 10 years. Some I found bitching about how my opinion represented a character flaw or represented bigotry. While a minor problem, it was hurtful.

I only feel comfortable expressing my opinion on Twitter, which doesn’t have identifiable details on it, and in order to do this I deleted my LinkedIn account so that people couldn’t picture search for me. I need a DBS to work and am anxious to avoid vexatious complaints. It’s worth pointing out that I am generally supportive of trans people and wish them to have good legal protections against harassment and discrimination. I just want to maintain single sex spaces as well.

L, Charity worker