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All women need the security of female only spaces and fair representation

This matters to me because all women need the security of female only spaces and fair representation.  Sexism cannot be addressed if we lose the ability to define each of the sexes unambiguously.

I have handed out leaflets in the street and talked to people to ask them to fill in the GRA consultation in 2018.  I have written to my MP and my children’s schools.  I have attended meetings and protests, signed petitions and contributed to crowd funders.  I am part of a sub-group that puts together info for one of our campaign groups to use in their campaigning.

I have made a point of catching up with all my current and former acquaintances who are school governors, on health boards etc and have made them aware of the situation and issues with safeguarding.  I strike up conversations with women I don’t know and give them FairPlay leaflets.  I occasionally post on social media, mostly Mumsnet with a few twitter posts.

I have been attacked on Twitter and it now makes me uneasy to use Twitter.  I have had a few friends distance themselves from me.  I have resigned from my political party and all the local members that I had thought of as friends are no longer in contact with me.