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I see it as child abuse

I care because I see it as child abuse- telling children they are born in the wrong body is wrong  and committing them to a life of medication and ill health to promote an ideology based on fantasy, queer theory and profit is hideously wrong!

I also see an erosion of women’s sex based rights that have been hard fought for over time – if a man can simply declare himself a woman it undermines us essentially;  be it in sport, in refuges or any single sex space that is segregated and held for the safety of girls and women . I am aghast that this ideology has taken such hold. Largely autogynephils who are essentially fetishests proclaiming themselves as women. The entire trans umbrella is now a wide apron allowing far too many to stand under in the name of progressive gender politics but is nothing of the kind- it is instead regressive, abusive  and based mostly on narcissist fantasy fuelled by big pharma and bodies with vested interest.

I have written, joined groups, attempted to bring it up at local labour meetings and more.

Yes. I have been shunned by local Labour largely and treated like a pariah for my views.

Shernaz D, Concerned grandmother and woman