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I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes

I care very much about the girls and women who are being mistaken or rumour mongered  as masquerading as female , the hurt this causes them , the danger this puts them in.

I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes and the pretence that males entering female sports is harmless and fair .

Further to the female athlete point I’m also outraged at the lies the gender lobby have been spreading about Michele Obama , the pretence she must be a transwoman or at very least is intersex and must have used surrogates etc. And now the cover up that this was a Republican plot . Trump might be lots of things but he isn’t pretending men can be women or that any girl or woman as tall and intelligent as Michele Obama must therefore be at least a physiologically masculinised female if not a full blown male.

I do not want sex based words to be redefined or the theory that sex is on a spectrum taught in schools. I worry that sex spectrum theory is being /will be used to shame and humiliate girls who are taller than average or have facial features which have been deemed ‘masculine’ by genderists.

I am concerned the whole thing is an attempt to establish a big bad rational dominant men , little good irrational submissive women norm and destroy feminism once and for all along with naturalising male aggression and hiding female passive aggression too.

I’m also concerned about children being manipulated into damaging their bodies and having their wombs removed. And young men being tricked into sexual activity with other men and then being demonised for reacting badly to such abuse too.

I have been posting on social media and newspaper comments sections , supporting crowdfunders , fighting the good fight whenever I get the chance. Since 2017 mainly on Twitter.

I’ve been blocked and given verbal abuse.

Mary, Middle aged mother