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The next argument would be let them decide when they can have sex

This matters because I have very young children. Trans rights activists want to indoctrinate my perfectly healthy children into thinking they can change/choose their gender. Dysphoria is a mental illness. People aren’t born in the wrong body. Particularly, if they do not present DSD. Stonewall are coming after the kids. I’ll give you crazy. this whole thing – erasing single sex spaces, teaching kids session 4 of proud trust BS is a front to reach the kids and lower the age of consent.

It’s a systematic procedure to allow child sexual abuse. GI just promoted children to look intensely at their body. In ways, it densensitises the way they feel. Distant and overly sexual. If an under 8 is taught to enjoy their bodies as per WHO suggestion then the next argument would be let them decide when they can have sex.

I speak about it to as many people willing to listen. I’ve signed petitions. I’m raising posts to put on Asian forums as Asians tend to comply a lot and have faith in schools. They need to know about these ideologies.

Negative consequences? Yes, that I’m a bigot. Transphobic. Why does it bother me that a “few” are in a predicament. Does it really harm me? How many “ trannys” have I actually come across. Arguments within the family (English side).

H P, Woman, daughter, sister and mother. Then wife, Hinalks