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My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side

Being female is already a disadvantage in many walks of life including business and politics. Hard-fought gains are being lost as people strive to accommodate men who want something more from us. I also worry about my daughter, and myself, and other women, who may lose the privacy and emotional safety of female-only spaces, female healthcare workers, and so on. I feel upset for individual women who have lost a place in a sports team or on a podium because a man took it.

I’ve done a wide range of things. I’ve written to and met with my MP. I’ve written to my county council about their schools trans inclusion advice, several times (trying again now). I’ve taken part in London, UK and Scottish consultations. I’ve donated to several crowd funding campaigns for legal action, and to campaign groups. I help a campaign group with speeches and written submissions. I attended several talks in London organised by LAWS and WPUK. I sat in the visitors’ gallery at the High Court for the first time ever, to hear the Fair Cop case.  I have raised the issue with a group of women at my sports club, and followed up by sharing links. I’ve raised it with my sport’s National Governing Body.

 I changed from my real name on Twitter after some TRAs started piling on and were clearly looking me up elsewhere and making connections, and making references to my work.

My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side. We’ve had a few rows about it.

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