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I dread to think what would become of me now

I care because I am unwilling to give away my rights and those of my daughter, granddaughter, other family, friends, in fact every female of any age. Women (and some men) fought hard to get the rights we have, the least I can do is protect them, and even strengthen and improve them, for the future.

I was a typical tomboy as a child; I dread to think what would become of me now. I remain utterly baffled as to how anyone can think medicalising children because of their personality can ever be right, and how can anyone truly believe a man becomes a woman just because they say so?

I found other women who felt the same way I do, via Mumsnet, via social media, by talking to people in real life.With their help and support I was able to develop my views and become more confident in talking about them. I joined a political party, I started a petition, I attended events.

I continue to strive to spread awareness of what is going on via my social media presence and by speaking out whenever I can, writing letters (good old fashioned pen and paper ones!), sending emails, responding to campaigns and crowdfunders, constantly aiming to amplify other women’s voices, and those of our allies. I boycott companies (like M&S) who show no respect for their female customers and I tell them why. Lots of tiny things, but if enough of us do them, they have a massive effect eventually.

My views have been called a bigoted and transphobic by women who I thought knew me and respected me. I have been ostracised from an online social group I actually started. I have received dreadful online abuse from strangers, but it is the condemnation from people who I thought were friends that hurts the most. Many friends supported me during this, but did so privately, they were not willing to publicly support me within the group which was hard to deal with.

On the positive side, it has strengthened some friendships; shown me who truly ‘has my back’, and I have made a group of new female friends and acquaintances who fill me with hope and enthusiasm to keep fighting this grim ideology.

Karen, Adult Human Female with a vote, CUPWomensPledge