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I help run the Women’s Human Rights Campaign website

This is important to me because gender ideology is a huge threat to the rights of women and girls. I fear that gender ideology is causing us to move away from truth and reality towards compelled language, pseudoscience and harmful nonsense being encoded into law with huge consequences for society.

I have written to my MP four times. The first two times to Mark Prisk with favourable results and the second two to his replacement, Julie Marson, with poor result. I have attended half a dozen women’s meetings in London and Cambridge. I have volunteered with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign where I organised a conference for the launch of “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People”. I help run the Women’s Human Rights Campaign website and have conducted some lobbying activities across Europe. I speak regularly to most people I know, including at work, share info when I can on social media. I have also written to newspapers.

I have been more circumspect with what I post on social media recently because I am short of (freelance) work.

Kath A, Adult human female