I ran a marathon while carrying a flag that said “SAVE WOMEN’S SPORTS”

As a woman, I want privacy and safety when I use public bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. I want sports to be fair; I want young female athletes to benefit from them the same way I did, and I want elite female athletes I look up to to have the wins they deserve.

I fiercely believe that everyone has the right to choose the circumstances under which people of the opposite sex see them undressed as well as the circumstances under which they see members of the opposite sex undressed. This is true for situations that affect me, such as public bathroom usage and the sex of the doctor who performs my pap smear, as well as for situations that don’t and hopefully never will, such as having to share a prison shower with a biological male or being pressured to wax male genitalia.

I will steadfastly defend this right to choose not only for myself, but for women everywhere.

I ran a marathon while carrying a flag that said “SAVE WOMEN’S SPORTS” as well as the dictionary definition of the word “woman” (“ADULT HUMAN FEMALE”).

I’ve written to my government representatives. I’ve researched and written speeches, which I’ve delivered at school board meetings of a school district that opened locker rooms to opposite-sex students. I’ve attended demonstrations at athletic events of that school district, distributing flyers and holding up large signs/banners.

I boycott companies who support gender identity ideology. I’ve written to those companies to explain why I’m boycotting them, and I explain my boycotts to others. I’ve signed petitions and used social media to urge others to do the same. I’ve given an interview for a feminist radio show and written an op-ed that was recently printed in a newspaper.

I have been dogpiled on on social media. I’ve been called garbage/trash, a TERF, sh*t, a c*nt, and “the f*cking genitals police.” Someone commented on one of my posts with a picture of an anime girl pointing a gun at the viewer captioned, “SHUT THE FUCK UP TERF.” I’ve been told to STFU, and someone commented on one of my posts with a picture of super glue captioned, “Finally, a line of lipstick made exclusively for TERFs.” Someone commented on one of posts with a meme including an emoji holding a knife that read, “Why be transphobic when you can just DIE.” I was told to “die alone.” Someone told me they hoped I lost “every sponsor or scholarship [I] ever apply for.”

For objecting to male people competing in female sports, I was accused of being “mediocre,” “a terrible athlete,” and told I needed to train harder. Many people insulted the way my parents had raised me, and I was told that I shouldn’t have kids myself. I’ve been accused of having “internalized misoyogny[sic]” and of having the patriarchy “ingrained deep” in me.

Emily Kaht, Just a normal woman who’s finally had enough, USA