I escaped before I got as far as medical intervention but I now see the other side

This matters to me because I spent 5 years of my life (14-19) actively buying into transgender ideology. I identified as male for a number of years and also nonbinary, I did a full social transition. I detransitioned in May 2019. Thankfully, I escaped before I got as far as medical intervention but I now see the other side. Transgender is a dangerous cult. I am proud to be a woman and proud to be a lesbian. Transgender ideology harms lesbians (female homosexuals).

I have been speaking out publicly since June last year mainly on twitter @tjdetrans. I also have done a few interviews on youtube and also sky news, I have done a few public talks about my experiences. I recently wrote a longer article on my experiences “one year out-my story” on medium. Finally, I have been involved in a few pride protests… I was at the front of Manchester pride with my hand sewn banner “Gender Ideology Harms Lesbians” and also at Leeds with a similar banner. I speak very openly about my views on the subject.

I have had numerous encounters on Twitter with men telling me what I should be thinking, them claiming to be women etc. Transgender activists also hate my voice as they view me as a threat. At Leeds pride I had one woman I knew prior to detransition (Id nonbinary) shout “traitor” at me. I have also had several comments on YouTube about my appearance that have been rather negative.

Thomasin Pick, Detransitioned woman. Lesbian