I lived half of my life under a communist regime – I recognise Big Brother tactics.

I am  a foreign national and an official Interpreter, Translator and Private Tutor. I can say that I lived the first half of my life in a communist country and the other half in the UK. Because of that I have a really good perspective on what is going on about women’s rights being eroded by the trans agenda. I

became vocal about it when I found out about the GRA “consultation” in 2018. I could not believe that such an important consultation that would impact on half of the population is being kept secret, really. You could not find out about it from the media, BBC kept completely shtum about it. That is why I joined a private group where we aimed at advertising that consultation, I talked to anybody I could trust about it. Because of my job I have to be very careful in public, as I need to be seen neutral on the subject. I even attended a Trans Awareness Course  for Interpreters just to see how they are trying to brainwash people. That was quite an experience. I was thankful to FAIR PLAY FOR WOMEN who significantly simplified answering the questions on the GRA forms so that you did not have to spend 3 hours filling it all in. I managed to invite to take part in it lots of my Facebook friends whose English was not good enough to attempt answering the survey.

I mentioned living half of my life under a communist regime. That is why I can clearly see the similarities between the two agendas in their Big Brother tactics.

I am so pleased that BBC, Woman’s Hour, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and countless brave individuals have started being vocal about those issues and this country seems a lot freer than of late, as a result.