I trans peaked a few girlfriends by explaining the issue and sending them articles

I’m a woman, and I see our hard earned rights given away to men, at times with the consent of other women and it sickens me.

I speak up a bit online, but I’m a nobody and I guess with little success. I trans peaked a few girlfriends by explaining the issue and sending them articles.

I have been called terf, but who hasn’t. Not much worse because I’m not important enough, thankfully.

Nuria, Woman worried about men taking our spaces and rights, Salagre, Switzerland


I have no reputation or livelihood to lose

I care about this issue for a whole lot of rather different reasons. The first may be defending lesbians from male encroachment on their lives and sexuality. The second may be that I object to any ideology that wants to write the soul (in this case a gendered soul, the one that can be “born in the wrong body”), to reify the soul into legislation.

I’ve mostly tweeted about this. Discussed it with friends and family.

I’ve been called terf a lot and lost Twitter followers. I have no reputation or livelihood to lose as I am an isolated handicapped person living on disability payments.

Elizabeth Hamilton D, Translator, writer, former adjunct in cognitive psychology, dovesandletters, France


I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist

I have been in the struggle for women’s rights for more than 40 years.  Gender ideology undoes the limited gains we have made and erases the possibilities of winning more.  Gender ideology drips with misogyny and lesbophobia and homophobia.  It is an authoritarian and regressive ideology.

I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist and of course recognises that women are adult human females.  I have organised a small feminist discussion group to consider the harmful consequences of gender ideology. 

I have organised one public meeting in defence of women’s sex-based rights and plan to run more once Covid restrictions permit.  I organised a WL Conference in my home city a few months ago.  I run several feminist FB pages and contribute to others.

I have been physically and verbally harassed, dropped from’progressive’ email lists, hounded out of my union, socially ostracised and had friends cut off all contact with me to show their left friends how woke they are.

Anna M, feminist activist, mother, grandmother, Australia


I stepped off my career path in part because of this

Male violence has colored my whole life. Now that I finally understand that and seek to speak out on it, speaking about males and females or attributing male violence to males is “transphobic.” I am being silenced.

I’ve tried to reach out 1-1 with people. I have a sock account where I can speak freely but it’s largely an echo chamber. I still haven’t the courage to speak out publicly or from my real name.

I have lost friends. I stepped off my career path in part because of this but had I not I would have been shoved off.

Cee J, Previously exploited woman, USA


I tell everyone I have a conversation with

I care because I’m a woman. If anybody can be a woman, “woman” means nothing and our rights will be obliterated. I care because sometimes females need spaces free of male people, no matter how they identify.

I tell everyone I have a conversation with. I’m active on social media. I’ve written to my MP.

Apart from my family getting fed up with hearing about it, no consequences. I’m not accountable to anybody. I have lost one friend, a trans man.


Healthcare Others

I’m frightened to see these principles being eroded by magical thinking

I care because women as a sex class are being erased, with the intended consequence that we cannot fight for sex based rights we cannot name. I care about children transitioning and ruining their bodies before they know what they are doing. I would have been one of these children if I had been born later. I care about lesbians being coerced into sex with males. I care about the appalling misogyny of the trans movement.

I care about truth, reality and science and I’m frightened to see these principles being eroded by magical thinking. I care about women losing jobs and platforms because they won’t go along with it. I care about freedom of speech.

How can we progress as a society if certain topics are not debated and tested?

I have attended meetings, written to my MP and visited. Stickered the local area. Posted FPFW leaflets to houses in my town. Used social media, twitter, Facebook and mumsnet to pass around information and contest misleading information. I’ve helped to collate information about organisations that are promoting misleading info about puberty blockers. I’ve donated to many GC causes and to Vancouver Rape Relief.

I have been shouted at and harassed at a public meeting. I have had my Twitter account suspended several times. I’ve lost a friend of over 40 years.

Louise W, Happy to be a TERF


A non genuinely transitioned man accessing my safe space would totally close down so many things for me

I care because I know what is is to be afraid of men. I was raped when I was 20 . When married my husband was abusive to me and later to my oldest daughter . I left him and shortly after that I was attacked outside my flat when I took my dog out for a last pee . It was attempted rape. The man got 5 years for assault with intent to ravish .

Each time the effect on me is that I cannot bear to see a man naked from the waist down. I still get a terrible fright if someone approaches me from behind and I’m very cautious in lifts , car parks , the street etc.

A non genuinely transitioned man accessing my safe space would totally close down so many things for me . Sports Changing rooms  , toilets in bars and restaurants and shops – especially if the are along long corridors / down in basements etc . The whole thing is terrifying.

My eldest daughter is a lesbian and she and her wife are very concerned about this too especially the “your a bigot / terf if you don’t want a girly dick” threats.

I have posted on Twitter and FB . Spoken up at my SNP branch meeting and posted info to the branch Whatsapp . Joined- founder member of a local women’s group for Independence . Shared info with friends. I’ve had a few insults on social media, not to my face.

M, Senior adult Post menopausal woman


Five times since the age of 22 I have asked for a breast reduction

I care because I look at how easy it is for girls to have their breasts cut off. Five times since the age of 22 I have asked for a breast reduction I’ve been 5ft and a 28GG+ since 14yrs. I gave up they always ask if I have my husbands permission.

Then I saw a man with a beer gut gain entry to an antenatal class then sympathy and a go fund me page for a grief doll when said baby was ‘stillborn’. I was told 30yrs ago to hop to it and get another one started.

I’ve started posting to my Facebook it’s mostly relatives and other women I game with 😂. So many of them knew nothing of about any of the risk of us losing the right to be women. They’ve been private messaging and using zoom bingo to spread the word: Age range 35-76yrs.

A few of my younger relatives and a non binary friend female with three kids unfriended me, no biggy. I don’t care anymore.

Agnes , I am a Woman = An Adult Human Female


I am already short changed in life as a women

I care because I am already short changed in life as a women. Now I am expected to move aside to accommodate a man who wants to call himself ‘woman’ and me ‘cis’.

I joined and attended meetings with WPUK. I follow and post comments on twitter, I follow feminist boards.

I have been unfriended  on social media, I have been ridiculed for my views by family and friend and told ‘it isn’t a problem and I should show empathy’.

DB, I am Woman XX


I care about fairness in sport

I care about fairness in sport and safety in single sex spaces.

Mainly twitter posts, the one middle-road article I shared on Facebook cost me an acquaintance.