Five times since the age of 22 I have asked for a breast reduction

I care because I look at how easy it is for girls to have their breasts cut off. Five times since the age of 22 I have asked for a breast reduction I’ve been 5ft and a 28GG+ since 14yrs. I gave up they always ask if I have my husbands permission.

Then I saw a man with a beer gut gain entry to an antenatal class then sympathy and a go fund me page for a grief doll when said baby was ‘stillborn’. I was told 30yrs ago to hop to it and get another one started.

I’ve started posting to my Facebook it’s mostly relatives and other women I game with 😂. So many of them knew nothing of about any of the risk of us losing the right to be women. They’ve been private messaging and using zoom bingo to spread the word: Age range 35-76yrs.

A few of my younger relatives and a non binary friend female with three kids unfriended me, no biggy. I don’t care anymore.

Agnes , I am a Woman = An Adult Human Female