I am Canadian and only recently learned of some incidents

I had no idea about the consequences of this.  Am flabbergasted at the vitriol/adolescent-like manipulation of those pushing this on entire populations (my husband either).  I cannot believe women’s words & spaces are being erased.  – the waxing one happened 30 mins from me and I had no idea 🤬🤬🤬.  Liberal Party of Canada voter my whole life.  Never again.  I’m going to have to vote freaking bigoted Conservative just so my daughter can be called a woman 🤬🤬.  In short – I am pissed off.  For the record I do not consider myself a feminist & am normally live & let live, but this is straight outta the misogyny handbook.

I’ve just liked things on Twitter – I will lose my job & my family’s security if I speak up even though I am firmly pro-trans rights.  I just happen to believe that giving one group rights at the expense of another is bullshit.

I keep my thoughts to myself in real life.

M, a concerned woman, Canada