I once was a TRA, and considered myself a trans man/non binary

This matters to me because I can’t unsee the truth, that this is a bigger threat to women, homosexuals and free speech than I had ever imagined possible. I had no idea how quickly and easily all our legal rights could be taken away, and how much hated and indifference society and men feel towards women.

I once was a TRA, and considered myself a trans man/non binary. But deep down I knew the rhetoric I was trying to convince myself was progressive and forward thinking was the most regressive sexism and entirely because of trauma.

I now consider much of the gender movement a cult, promoting an entirely nonsensical agenda which is applicable to pretty much anyone who isn’t a walking stereotype, and conveying transition as a wonderful, liberating journey, rather than a serious medical undertaking with many risks, and irreversible and unknown consequences.

The thing I find the most unbelievable, other than the most insane misogyny I’ve ever seen, is the attack on free speech. The complete complicity of the media, government, NHS, the police and many public figures who are not only parroting rhetoric they themselves cannot explain, but aggressively denounce groups like a Woman’s Place UK and LGB Alliance as hateful. That anyone could watch the videos or read the website of the former and view it as bigoted hate makes me feel like I’m living under Stasi dictatorship, where something is so obviously wrong, yet everyone is publicly paying tribute to the ideology in the face of all evidence, reason, and plain sanity.

I am active on social media ‘under an alias’ and speak about it with trusted friends and colleagues.

I’ve had aggressive responses online. But in person no, only because I keep it completely secret most of the time.

CJ, GC women’s rights activist, CJ_liberte