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It has become almost impossible to speak the truth about sex

I believe the truth matters, and language is important, and it has become almost impossible to speak the truth about sex. I believe I would be at risk of losing my job if I were to state publicly that I don’t believe trans women are female.

I don’t have any understanding of what it is supposed to mean to “feel” female (particularly in people not suffering dysphoria) and can only think that such feelings must be based on restrictive gender stereotypes that are harmful to everyone. I would be happy for trans people to change my mind on this but it feels like it’s not possible to even ask this question without accusations of hatred and violence.

I have spoken to my friends, but have not spoken publicly because of fear of social and professional repercussions.

I have not yet spoken up in a context that would have negative consequences.

H, Feminist hoping I’m not on the wrong side of history