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Society has got this wrong

I have enjoyed my body for much of my life.  Conning vulnerable people into believing that they can change gender by hurting and harming their own bodies is cruel and wrong.  Girls getting their breasts removed tells us that there is something wrong with how those girls are being treated/growing up.

Society has got this wrong. Drug companies are profiting by mutilating people.  I was inspired by people like Posie Parker as well as the various arguments by different women.  They helped me to clarify my views on women’s liberation.  I was then outraged at the attacks on thinking women and resolved to stand up for us.

Another woman and I were members of Plaid Cymru.  She was investigated then chucked out of the party for disagreeing with the leadership. They were heavily influenced by Stonewall.  Her arguments were strong feminist arguments yet she wasn’t listened to.  

I began retweeting her arguments. We reached thousands of people. I challenged Leanne Wood on facebook and was surprised that our lead feminist was so unfamiliar with women’s arguments on this.  I raised it with Neil McEvoy and he recognised that the women around him thought it was important. I raised it with Rhun Ap Iorwerth AM who said that another female AM  Helen Mary Jones had had stick for raising this.  

I got involved in arguments with Welsh Greens and some listened.  I was surprised at how few people didn’t seem to get the importance of the re-definition of woman.  I was shocked at the political cowardice and group think of so many  people who wanted to be politically inclusive at my expense and who seemed remarkably ignorant about women’s issues.  Yesterday I started a new twitter account without my name, to build a better platform.

I have been blocked by someone who used to discuss things on facebook.  Other friends are wary that I might make their trans friends unhappy.  It’s sad but if everyone shut up it would be very bad for women and girls.

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