Public Sector

A chilling effect on my ability to discuss and defend those rights

This matters to me because I care about having the ability to speak the truth, to be able to discuss the reality of sex, the material experience and consequences of being female, and the public policy implications of this.

I value my sex-based rights enormously and should be able to name and discuss them without disproportionate consequences. However, gender activists have achieved a near-comprehensive public policy capture and institutions capture which is imposing a chilling effect on my ability to discuss and defend those rights.

I have submitted evidence to various relevant consultations including the GRA consultation, and donated to numerous crowdfunders for legal actions supporting sex-based rights. I also spoke up at work until it became clear it was too professionally risky to do so.

When I questioned why a women’s network at work was being renamed a “Gender Network” and expressed the concern that the network’s focus seemed to be shifting away from centering women’s interests, I was “ghosted” by the network’s organisers:

I was dropped from the mailing list, which effectively excluded me from a group I had previously been active in – without anyone ever responding to my question.