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If this one falls I don’t think there is any hope of holding any other lines

To me the distinction between male and female is truth that is so real and profound it is embedded within us at biological level going back millions of years. If a truth that substantial can be overturned we give permission for any ideology with the appropriate power to dictate truth.

Losing the concept of Truth being rooted to a large extent in empirical observation and the valuing of the scientific method is profoundly dangerous. If this one falls I don’t think there is any hope of holding any other lines. We then risk the  dismantling of everything to then be reconstructed in accordance with whatever is the prevailing ideology with the power to do so.

I have had a brief period on Twitter engaging with the discussion (Wow that really did make a difference!!!)

I have not had consequences, because I have been very cautious. It is a combination of cowardice and the practical reality that it is not my core focus in life (maybe it should be in light of my answer earlier). I don’t want to lose that which I can do and am doing in my own field to die in a ditch over trans issues where I am such a small player that I will not meaningfully make any difference there either. Paying towards crowd fund challenges is a safe and real way I can make a difference.

AG, C of E priest. School chaplain (heading for retirement).