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Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has been in agreement

At first it was astonishment that something so obviously real and true – that there are two sexes, male and female, which cannot be changed – was being denied. As I found out more it was fear of the damage to women’s rights, the damage to children and adolescents and then outrage and fury that we cannot speak the truth anymore without fear for our jobs.

I have spoken about it to friends and family, cautiously to colleagues at work. I spoke out in an LGBT training session at work to query the suicide statistics.  Written to my MP, posted on twitter and Facebook, attended a meeting, contributed to lots of fundraisers, bought books by gender critical feminists.

I haven’t had any consequences so far – almost everyone I’ve spoken to  has been in agreement.

I have a couple of  friends who obviously think I’ve got a strange bee in my bonnet and am an anti trans bigot but they still talk to me!! However I’m training to be a counsellor and therefore have to be v careful not to say anything on social media which could prevent me from qualifying. I was looking at volunteering for an organisation yesterday but put off because they were seeking people “who identify as male”.

C, Gender critical truth seeker radicalised by Mumsnet