The first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you”

As someone who was told that the first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you” it called me to see men trying to centre themselves, again, by pretending to be more oppressed than actual women and taking time, funding and energy from those women so selfishly.

I have spoken on the topic and posted about it in feminist groups, made sure their voices wouldn’t be silenced when in charge of a uni feminist group and discussed it with friends and family.

The people who took over the feminist org after my graduation wrote a “proclamation” to get rid of the “reputation for ~transphobia~ it allegedly had after me and my successor were there. Furthermore I was hounded by TRAs (trans rights activists) out of several feminist groups online and slurred as a homophobe when accusations of transphobia proved unsuccessful.

Hilmar, Anthropologist, Iceland