Education Parent

I worry that we cannot speak our minds without being called bigots.

As a mother to three daughters and a teacher, this really worries me.  I worry about the girls’ safety when using public toilets and changing rooms. I worry about competitive sport – will they be competing in fair competitions? I worry that we cannot speak our minds without being called bigots.

Mostly I worry about my middle daughter who is a “Tom boy”. If she is gay – will she be convinced that she was “born in the wrong body”? Will she want to transition? How will I possibly handle that? Will she be taken away from me? This terrifies me. 

What have you done? Very little. I’m too scared to.

The bravest thing I have done is share something on Facebook saying “Happy International Women’s Day all you adult human females” alongside a Team GB montage of amazing sports women.

I have begun to boycott products and services that I feel do not support women. Nike, Flora, Audible, Always.

I like pages and stories on Facebook. I have donated to LGB Alliance.

I rant to my husband but don’t say much to anyone else in case I am branded a bigot or get into trouble at work. I have not been brave enough to speak up.

PP, Mother of sporty girls