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I am a teacher and I know I would lose my job if I was too vocal

I’m a woman with a daughter. The world is already difficult enough in terms of inequality.

It concerns me that my daughter will be made to feel as though she’s ‘wrong’ if she doesn’t conform to the gender stereotypes charities like Mermaids seem to use as a sign someone is trans. I was a tomboy but I’m still female. I don’t wear sexy short skirts but I’m still female.

I believe women have the right to single sex spaces. It is patently unsafe to allow men who self id as women into women’s toilets, prisons, hospital wards, refuges, changing rooms. If a third space is needed, it should not replace female space

I worry about young lesbians being told they’re wrong for not accepting male genitals in a sex partner.

I am concerned about women’s sports. It’s already subject to inequality. Allowing male bodied people to compete as women will wipe out female sport.

I am concerned that women are being ignored and erased.

I haven’t experienced any negative consequences, because I am careful with the people I voice my opinion to.

I am a teacher and I know I could lose my job if I was ‘too vocal’.