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I know what a social construction is and what material reality is

There are males on lesbian dating apps who reply with aggression when they are politely told that they don’t belong there (that’s happened to me twice).

A woman I know personally was banned from a lesbian dating app for telling a male person that they did not belong there.

I am concerned about the physical and emotion safety of female prisoners who are already very vulnerable, if male violent or sexual offenders are housed in female prisons.

I need to teach the small children in my care that they are correct to be wary of men and I cannot do that if the words we use to describe them are taken away.

We (women, females) cannot organise properly to defend our rights if the words we use are taken and redefined.

The children in the primary school I taught at were taught that you can be born in the wrong body, and it is not true and it’s harmful. A teenage lesbian I know has been convinced that she is a boy and is going to start undergoing serious medical interventions which will cause potentially permanent changes to her body, because of stereotypes. The idea that your personality tracks your sex or your sex tracks your personality are fundamentally regressive positions. I know what a social construction is and what material reality is and I wont pretend not to.

I have spoken to some friends in real life and I lost a couple. I have posted occasionally on social media but not under my real name as I am scared of professional consequences.