Trans’ no longer seems to mean ‘transsexual’ but anyone who ‘cross-dresses’

I care because I am concerned that changes to the GRA could result in predatory males having easier access to hurt women and girls. I am concerned because ‘Trans’  no longer seems to mean ‘transsexual’ but anyone who ‘cross-dresses’. I am concerned because women can no longer say ‘woman is adult human female’ without being accused of transphobic and biological sex classes are now up for debate. The whole gender identity issue is full of men hating on women and women being forced out of their jobs for speaking about their sex based oppression.

I have donated to crowd funders. Tales to friends. Communicated on Twitter in a Locked account.

I refused to deliver LGBTQ sessions in my place of work which conflate sex and gender. I discuss the issues with work colleagues

I have had arguments with others and have blocked people on Twitter and FB.