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The topic comes up scarily regularly for an infants school

I care because I want my daughter to have a safer life than I have had. I want her to be able to be confident in raising her safety concerns and not worried about being declared a bigot because she is fearful

I have spoken to friends. I regularly voice my concerns at work as the topic comes up scarily regularly for an infants school.

I have been reprimanded at work for stepping out of my role to complain that they had changed the protected characteristics in the schools equality policy.

I escalated to governors and they eventually agreed the law had not ‘changed yet’ – my work is now more heavily scrutinised and one of my colleagues no longer speaks to me.  I have lost friends and a fb account. I use twitter anonymously. I am fearful of making connections with anyone as I can’t afford to be ‘outed’ and lose my career.