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Transwomen are important & in need of support, but they are not women

I care because I see the need for sex based recording, security & resourcing. We need to be able to have balanced, caring conversations in order to find solutions that respect lived experiences, fears & needs. Transwomen are important & in need of support, but they are not women. Also concerned that this ‘solution’ to gender dysphoria is not easy, simple or effective.

Why aren’t we helping people to be happy with who they are?

I have used social media to amplify GC accounts, tried to have conversations with people who think GC is the enemy, talked to feminists who only saw the trans perspective & shared concerns & examples of behaviours that damage both women & girls & transwomen. I regularly report accounts which are abusive to women & use hate speech.

I am on a block list & regularly find that accounts which used to be mutual have blocked me. I feel unable to speak because the conversation is abusive & accepts no nuance or need for discussion. I’m a middle aged peri menopausal feminist with teenage children, male & female – my perspective is not represented by any of the conversations I see.

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