I’ve been standing up for girls and women around me

This issue speaks to me because I am a woman. I care about other women and I care for young girls. I don’t want them to suffer from things that I’ve endured. I want them to be free to raise their voices and not be threatened by anyone.

I’ve been standing up for girls and women around me (and for myself). We are raised to be gentle and not care when we suffer from any type of violence and I see that as a valid reason for me to protect the ones around me.

I have been threatened multiple times. Rape, murder, spanking. Once, when I talked about a time when I was violated I had multiple men and transwomen tell me that they wanted to violate me “better” than the other man did, because it was not enough. A transman that lived in the same city that I do said he would go to my university and beat me up.

B, A survivor of male violence and defender of women, Brazil