Management was in a panic

I have always  been gender non conforming  tomboy STEM moterbike guitars /female band  and back in the 70 womens lib but it wasnt until I accidentally stumbled on Dr Jane Clare Jones that I realised  in a deeper way  that it wasn’t that I liked “boy”things but that labelling those things  male was part of a patriarchal system. It made me realise how important language is and that removing language that enables us to express our oppression manacle us more firmly “in our place” in a way that many won’t even notice or if they do will be unable to articulate

My experience at work was of a young autistic teen  X who was accused of Transphobia by a class mate Y (who sometimes came in as male sometimes presented as female ). Because X stared at them.

X said he didnt feel he was Transphobic it just made him feel funny that Y kept changing (name as well as clothes) his autism was ignored. There were a lot of demands being made by Y re toilets etc also at odds with our large female Muslim students rights.

Management was in a panic . Transphobia is apparently the worst of crimes

I have taken part in twitter/ discussion with friends/some work mates to raise awareness

I haven’t had any consequences because most people I’ve spoken to think the idea that a man can really be a woman/access women’s spaces /sports is completely mad or were unaware of it and recognise the consequences immediately. I haven’t  spoken out on one FB account  though because that account is a  partially music account to promote bands. I have on the other. 

Sophia, Musician, Maths lecturer