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A bullying group has turned truth into lies

Sex is real. sex defines humans and mammals. it is the way laws and protections are established and maintained in our society.

Seeing these meaningful definitions being eradicated by the Trans lobby, behaving like a dictatorship, is scary.

it’s threatens and undermines our protections and freedoms. Anyone who speaks out as “concerned“ is vilified as hateful, by a bullying group that has turned truths into lies, implying they are victims when they are actually the perpetrators.

There are many dangers, allowing such a lobby, that relies on lying about the most important aspect of our lives SEX, to attack women and gain access to us and our children.

I have been emailing organisations like safeguarding hub that criticises breast binding in Africa meanwhile lottery funding is given to breast binding businesses in the UK. I have written to M&S about changing rooms. I have written to Baroness Nicholson, Liz Truss, to members of the civil service about the LGBTQ champion who is head of the Department for Education, he also has a child who is “trans”, a huge conflict of interest.

I have questioned a Labour Councillor through labour complaints for her hate speech towards women on Twitter. Labour threatened me with further action if I discussed my complaint on social media, they deemed she was not guilty of inappropriate behaviour using swearing & slurs.

I’ve had my mental health questioned. I have been called a *unt by a labour man on social media. when I complained & resigned my labour membership I was reprimanded for using bad  language when relating the names I’d been called!

I advised a group of women who were “friends” & childminders, that drag queens in Brixton library was wrong for under 5’s, & that they need parental permission as it’s political, they verbally attacked me & I had to block them from my life. These are just a few instances. My anxiety has been bad due to my fears of retaliation. I have had to ensure my name can’t be traced to my home.