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Sex based rights matter – they keep women and girls safe.

This matters to me because sex based rights matter – they keep women and girls safe. It gives women and girls opportunities they would not otherwise have. It’s as simple as that.

I have posted on social media, I have discussed with friends, I have studied to educate myself on the subject, I’ve spoken to trans activists who also recognize sex and want to protect sex based rights. I’ve become part of feminist communities (that center women). I created new accounts when my banned account was deleted (10k followers on Twitter – lost that account for mentioning J Yaniv)

Banned from Twitter, I’m now using a pseudonym  (hiding my professional identity) on Facebook . I’ve lost two close friends who consider themselves “non binary” insist on coerced pronouns, use terms like TERF, and think males should be allowed in rape crisis centers – and that women should concede spaces.

RS, Liberal turned radical feminist, Europe