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I have also read, and read, and learned and learned

Being female is a material reality in this world and women and girls across the world are disadvantaged (at best) and murdered (at worst) because of it. We as people, and our organisations and governments must not be allowed to lose sight of this truth.

I have joined a local feminist group (gathered via Mumsnet). I have written to and have visited my MP. I have written to newspapers, attended WPUK and other meetings, donated to crowdfunders. I discuss this in depth (and completely uncompromisingly) on another small forum where facts can be stated quite openly.

I have also read, and read, and learned and learned.

I am a freelance IT worker mainly for companies too small for Stonewall to bother with, but did once have a conversation with a (junior) member of staff at a client about my list of browser bookmarks in a screenshot I had sent. It was in one sense entirely unproblematic – the person in question agrees with me and that was partly how he had recognised the bookmarks list (!) – but we agreed I had better move them to a more discreet location in a separate folder as not everyone in the company would be OK with it.

Jenny S, Adult human female