We had a great conversation and hope to repeat it

This matters to me because I can not stand by while men lie about their intentions and their hijacking of the trans rights movement to allow male-bodied people into female-only spaces. They have no concern or regard for our safety and use gaslighting and emotional arguments to present themselves as victims and those who disagree as aggressors who threaten their lives.

I have written blog posts on the subject and engaged with TRAs on Twitter, trying to get a handle on their side of the story, which basically is “Accept us at our word you evil TERF, and stop whining about your safety and dignity.”

I have also spoken to the mother of a trans child on a Zoom call, working to build bridges between GC and TRAs. She shares my fears for women’s dignity and safety while wanting to create a world where her child won’t be shut out and rejected for not being a “real” woman. We had a great conversation and hope to repeat it. Her honesty makes it worthwhile.

I have been unfollowed, and some prominent people have tried to “correct” me. I’ve been able to stand up to them, though.

Wendy Cockcroft, Asker of awkward questions, lover of objective reality and truth