What next?

When I see women I have admired for years, being silenced, bullied, threatened it scares me. I haven’t raised my voice yet…As things get more absurd I begin to realise I am quite prepared to chain myself to the railings for this cause.


People who can help you make sense of all of this:

Helen Joyce

Lily Maynard

Jane Clare Jones

Kathleen Stock

Rebecca Reilly Cooper

Fairplay for Women


Or if you are more of a podcast/video listener:

The Woman’s Place UK talks (including mine)

Posie Parker’s youtube channel

Feminist Current


No mainstream organisations have been willing to challenge gender ideology so women have built their own. They need resources

Transgender Trend: providing guidance for parents and schools

LGB Alliance :a new organisation to advance the interests of LGB people

Legal crowdfunders (because legal cases are needed to challenge the current overreach beyond the law and protect women’s rights and children’s welfare)

Mine: I am appealing the initial decision of the employment tribunal about my beliefs

Kira Bell: Challenging the Tavistock Clinic’s treatment of young people

Katie Alcock: Thrown out of girlguiding

Safe School’s Alliance: Challenging CPS hate crime guidance in schools


Find gender critical people to talk to on TwitterMumsnet and Ovarit

Find the gender critical people who are in your sector or your area (say hi to them on Twitter, find the networks)

Take Action…

Write to your MP (or your political representative wherever you are) less than half the people who filled in the survey had written to their MP. This is something that you can do without drawing public attention. Write to them and tell them your concerns.

Write to your local newspaper.

Take a look at the equality policies of organisations you are involved in (do they confuse sex and gender identity?).

Wear a t-shirt — you will be surprised by the conversations it starts!